Amy Vincent

Tina is amazing at what she does! I’ve done many of her fitness/yoga classes as well as had her for a personal trainer! She’s tough,… Read more »

Mark Schmalz

I began personal training with Tina in 2010 in an effort to loose weight and achieve better health. Tina helped me achieve my goals to… Read more »

Sherry Keown

When my friend started dragging me to the yoga class she goes to i thought “i’ll go with her to get her off my back”… Read more »

Dave Scoffield

It’s rare to meet a person as genuine as Tina. Since the very first day I met her she has been an incredibly  positive influence… Read more »

Mara Hollingsworth

When I think of Tina there is only one word that comes to mind…. AWESOME! Tina is an excellent fitness instructor and always goes above… Read more »

Patti Jenkins

I didn’t think I needed a trainer.  I think I must have felt it was an extravagance. I knew how to exercise! Didn’t I?  Sure…… Read more »

Jenn Garner

Ever since attending fitness classes with Tina I have never felt more challenged and encouraged in my fitness training. I always leave her classes feeling… Read more »

Janet Wright

There is no question, Tina is a motivator! Her spin/body blast class is KILLER! She puts all of her effort into each of her classes,… Read more »

Fran Dromisky

One of the best things I’ve ever done is join Tina’s Fitness Studio! I haven’t just lost pounds but many inches ad well. The trainers… Read more »

Lynda Shwalm

I was first ‘exposed’ to Tina at a Women’s Cross Country Ski Day.  She took us through a warm-up.  Never been a skiier, I was… Read more »