Plan: 8-Week Rest & Stretch Yoga

What can you expect?

Rest and Relaxation triggers the parasympathetic system which puts us in a state of deep relaxation, which is the time when the body and mind can heal itself.  Enjoy 3 classes weekly for 4-weeks to stretch it out, breathe and take a braincation from your daily stressors.

Relaxation reduces cortisol production in the body, which can result in weight loss.


Week 1

DAY: 1 - Seated Yoga Stretch

A nice relaxing Seated Yoga Stretch. Breathe & Relax. Great for beginners or anyone who wants to stretch it out and relax!

DAY: 2 - Breathe, Relax & Stretch Yoga

Relax, Breathe, stretch your back & legs. No pressure on knees. Great beginner class or for all levels who want stretching & relaxation.

DAY: 3 - Floating on a Cloud Yoga

Drift away while focusing on your breath, your body, & resting your mind from its constant chatter. A nice relaxation with some gentle stretching. Entire... Read more »

Week 2

DAY: 1 - Lie Back & Relax Yoga

Exactly that! Take a load off and Lie Back & Relax with this calming stretch & lower back loosening. The entire class is on your... Read more »

DAY: 2 - Shavasana Relaxing Yoga

The entire class is relaxing stretch all while laying on your back, the very end has a nice cat/cow which can be skipped if your... Read more »

DAY: 3 - Relaxing Yoga Stretch

Relax, stretch, and drift off as you focus on your breath and deepen your stretching practice. Lower body focus. All levels. Beginner-adv.

Week 3

DAY: 1 - Easy Breezy Stretchy Yoga

Enjoy this relaxing total body stretch, starting in a seated position, great for all levels. Breathe, stretch, relax, bliss out.

DAY: 2 - Breathe & Stretch & Relax Flow

Huge Focus on Breathing and just drifting away into a deep resting state with the addition of some lower and upper body stretches.

DAY: 3 - Amazing Relaxation & Stretch Flow

Enjoy this nice relaxation and stretch. Play some soft music or chill out in silence and just breathe and exist.

Week 4