Plan: 7-Day Drop it Like it's HOT

What can you expect?

A 7-Day Workout Plan to assist you in dropping some quick pounds or inches for an event. Or to break any workout plateaus, shock your body, get back to seeing results, get you motivated and fired up to keep movin it and losin it!!

Week 1

DAY: 1 - Intense Ab & Core Circuit

An awesome circuit for creating a flat and toned tummy. Advanced.

DAY: 2 - Leg Toning Fat Burner

Get your heart rate up, burn fat and tone your entire lower body. Intermediate.

DAY: 3 - All Abs Circuit

Flatten and Tone your abs and six pack with this intense circuit. Intermediate

DAY: 4 - Total Body Blast HIIT

A great challenge for a beginner HIIT class. Hit all muscle groups, get your heart rate up and tone and burn fat.

DAY: 5 - Back, Arms & Abs

Triset your way to a toned and defined upper body and tummy. Int.-adv. Add dumbbells for a more intense workout.

DAY: 6 - Hard Core & Abs

An awesome and challenging circuit that will rock your core and abs. Advanced

DAY: 7 - All Out Glutes & Thighs

Circuit through these isolating exercises to tone and tighten your butt and thighs. Intermediate