Jennine VanSchepen

I discovered yoga teachings when I was 17. In my wild, ungrounded adolescence, I was able to step into my own strength and found confidence and stability by committing to a daily practice. I decided to spend at least the minimum of 3 hours a day on my mat [at home but mainly in class] and I was so fortunate to be part of an equally enthusiastic yogic community. I started at Eternal Hot Yoga -Oshawa, practicing with Linda Wiotte, Erin Bodashefsky, Kristen Lindell, Kristy Pisanni and many others ~ the most passionate and devoted yogis I have ever met. I began to feel totally lifted. I had found this unbelievable energy and endurance that helped me to stay present in my day to day responsibilities and relationships. I was focusing on creating art and new opportunities and most of all, I was HAPPY!! My body was strong, fit and flexible and my mind was unattached and open. I had acquired the capacity to become a new version of myself. After about a year or two into my practice, I painted a mural in the women’s change room of my studio and in return was blessed with the opportunity to attend a seminar held by Sean Corn at the Toronto Yoga Convention. This event was monumental! It was around this time when my focus really began to shift. I was recognizing that this was definitely something I wanted to extend, to go beyond my own practice and share with others; that happiness and true well being happens from the inside > out.

 Brenda Dowe

BrendaBrenda Dowe, ROHP, RNCP Personal Trainer, Holistic Practitioner Certification: Registered Orthomolecular Holistic Practitioner – Institute of Holistic Nutrition Personal Training Specialist – Canfit Pro Yoga Instructor Level I – Y.E.S. East to West Yoga TRX Suspension Training – TRX Brenda has been working at Tina’s Fitness Studio as a personal trainer for over two years. Before which, she studied at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Mississauga, Ontario were her passion for food and health were actualized. Brenda’s vision is to provide clients with practical means to achieve a balanced life through proper nutrition, positive lifestyle choices and self-empowerment, including embracing universal laws. This process is executed by instilling basic principles to her clients in regards to health and nutrition and guiding them to make healthy, wholesome choices. Brenda’s positive attitude towards goal setting constitutes her as wonderful role model for her clients and peers. Her diversity of knowledge and broadened skill set provides great value to the community. Her hard work and passion in the health field are what drives her clients toward success, good health and happiness.

 Wendy Grater

WendyWendy has been practicing yoga for 6 years, and a regular at Tina’s Studio. She’s a Level I YogaFit Instructor, and enjoys the sense of well being that a yoga workout brings. Wendy is also a keen athlete, competing at the world master’s level in cross country skiing. She is an avid outdoorsperson and canoeist. Wendy owns and operates Black Feather – the Wilderness Adventure Company, Canada’s premiere outfitting business offering canoeing, sea kayaking and hiking trips in Canada’s wilderness.

Sue Pilling

SueI first became interested in Yoga around 1989 after meeting a 70 year old woman who moved around on the beach like she was a teenager. She said she was a yoga instructor, so I said, “That’s for me” and started to join yoga classes. I began to practise yoga more seriously after completing Yoga Teacher Training in 2003 (YTT200hr, Classical Ashtanga and Hatha at Saltspring Centre of Yoga, BC). I continued teaching about 1 class per week at Vinyasa Studio or the YMCA in North Bay, on and off from 2004 to 2010. I completed my YTT500 training through East to West Yoga, Toronto, and Mount Madonna Yoga Centre in California in 2010. Since then I’ve continued my own practise, attended yoga classes in Parry Sound with some excellent teachers, and participated in workshops and retreats. I look forward to being involved with instructing on a small scale, here in Parry Sound, to help Tina out while she’s away. You’ll never guess how old I am… J (guess young ok?)

Liz Elkin

As a mother of four children, I am always on the go! However I know I am happier, healthier and have less stress when I take time for myself by working out. I have had a passion for fitness since I was a teen and I do my best to be a positive role model to my children. As a family we participate in a variety of sports and enjoy an assortment of physical activities. I have ran five marathons and more half marathons and triathlons. I stay motivated by being exceptionally competitive and being creative in changing my workout routines.

Mandy Vankoughnett

I started practicing yoga in February of 2007 when Tina first started teaching in Parry Sound. I immediately fell in love with the link of breath with flow of poses, and the metal and physical benefits that yoga provided. I have followed Tina as she has developed and grown her business, taking classes at the studio for years. I am teacher by day and am passionate about teaching and getting my students excited about learning. It was only a natural progression for me to move from client to an instructor at the studio and get other studio clients excited about yoga and healthy practice. I am continuously working on developing my practice and growing as an instructor. I have CPTIN yoga specialist, prenatal yoga certification and Mad Dog spin instruction.