Unlimited Classes: Only $69/month

Unlimited Class & Gym: Only $99/month

Family Membership-Unlimited Class & Gym Only $149/month for 3 members.
$49 for each additional family member. Children must be 18 years or younger


Drop in Class: $20
6-Class Pack: $84 plus HST ($14/class)
14-Class Pack: $168 plus HST ($12/class)


Body Blast Class: A combination of 30 minutes of cycling followed by a total body weight training session. This class is sure to boost your metabolism, burn fat and tone your body. Be prepared to sweat and have fun. (3, 5 & 8lb dumbbells).

Combo Class: A total body and soul workout that starts with a half an hour of cardio blasting spin class, and ends with a half an hour of yoga to leave you feeling vibrant and alive

Spin Class: A cycling class with stationary spin bikes that create a great cardio and fat burning workout. The upbeat music and instructor will pump you up in a spin class that will take you on a journey of hills, speedwork and rhythmic cycling leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Cardio & Core:  A great cardio & fat burning workout on spin bikes that is combined with a wicked ab and core workout after.

Brave Beginners: An introductory group fitness class to get you started. This 30 minute class will show you how to workout effectively and with proper form, all while getting a good sweat in.

Strength & Fat  Burning

3-2-1: 3-minutes of strength, 2-minutes of cardio, 1-minute of core. This class will move through all the major muscle groups individually. You will be feeling the burn in just 3 short minutes!

HIIT:  High Intensity Interval Training. Short intervals of explosive, high intensity plyometric exercises. This class will torch huge calories, get your heart racing and sweat dripping. It’s a challenging class but will leave you feeling like a champion.

Bootcamp: A circuit of exercises at 30-60 second intervals with rest only at the end of each round. This class will challenge your muscular endurance while giving you a nice, steady cardio workout.

Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (All Levels): Vinyasa Flow Yoga (All Levels): A softer, slower pace than the original Vinyasa Yoga, while still working to improve strength, balance and flexibility. Beginners are more than welcome in these classes.