Drop in: $20  6-Class Pack: $84 plus HST  14-Class Pack: $168 plus HST

Cycling & Body Toning Classes

Body Blast Class: A combination of 30 minutes of cycling followed by a total body weight training session. This class is sure to boost your metabolism, burn fat and tone your body. Be prepared to sweat and have fun. (3, 5 & 8lb dumbbells).

Combo Class: A total body and soul workout that starts with a half an hour of cardio blasting spin class, and ends with a half an hour of yoga to leave you feeling vibrant and alive

Spin Class: A cycling class with stationary spin bikes that create a great cardio and fat burning workout. The upbeat music and instructor will pump you up in a spin class that will take you on a journey of hills, speedwork and rhythmic cycling leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Body Toning & Fat  Burning

Tabata:  High Intensity Circuit Training to Blast calories and tone your entire body!

HIIT:  High Intensity Interval Training, an amazing total body workout that will kick your butt!

Bootcamp:  Burn Calories, Blast Fat, Tone your body and have fun!

Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (All Levels): Vinyasa Flow Yoga (All Levels): A softer, slower pace than the original Vinyasa Yoga, while still working to improve strength, balance and flexibility. Beginners are more than welcome in these classes.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (For Athletes): Yoga for runners, cyclists, skiers, hockey players, and anyone in relatively good physical condition. These classes will challenge you physically and mentally assisting any athlete or active individual in improving focus, breath control, personal performance, preventing injuries, improving muscle imbalances, and increasing strength and flexibility while at the same time toning the entire body.

Mom & Baby Yoga: For Mom’s and Baby’s 1 month-12 months old. These classes are a great way for moms to bond with their babies while getting a nice yoga workout and visiting with other moms and babies. Available upon Request.  Email for start dates.