Wake-Up Your Inner “Fit-Girl” Week7

Wake-Up Your Inner “Fit-Girl”, The Getting Started Program

Week 7

Do you feel it?  Do you really feel it?  Your Inner “Fit-Girl”?  Is she here?  Did you find her?


Amazing!  I am so proud of you and excited for your internal meeting of your “Fit-Girl”.  Remember she is awesome, and she is a great friend to have but sometimes she is no where to be found, sometimes you have to go looking for her and give her some coaching, but I promise, every single time, she will show up when you call on her!  It is your choice to call on her when you need her and the more you call on her, the quicker she shows up!

You have two weeks left to graduate from the beginner’s program!  You got this, you are almost there, and then you can take it to the next level!  There is always more to look forward to and to be excited about!  Don’t worry, it isn’t like when you finish reading a booked you LOVED so much, this is an ongoing party of fun and being fit and excited about life!

I am so happy we met and we get to do this together!

Good Luck in Week 7!  Kick some BUTT!!!!

Week 7 Workout Plan

Glutes & Thighs Blast & Tone

Total Body Ab & HIIT Class

Ab & Core HIIT Class