Wake-Up Your Inner “Fit-Girl” Week 8

Wake-Up Your Inner “Fit-Girl”, The Getting Started Program

Week 8

Congratulations!  Seriously!  You should be seriously proud of yourself!  It takes great discipline and will power to stick with a workout program and complete it!!!  You DID IT!!!  Whooooohoooooooooo!!! Incredible!!!!!

Let’s Celebrate!!  Right after you get through your last week 🙂

This last week is a cake walk now!  You made it Girlfriend!  No looking back now!

You are a “Fit-Girl” through and through!!

Finish up this last week, then take a week to enjoy some relaxing yoga classes or Flow Yoga Classes, continue 3-half hour classes but just take it down a notch, celebrate and enjoy your success!

Then after that week, the next program will begin!!

You have graduated to a new level and therefore there is more fun in store.  So take the week, after this week, to set some new goals, figure out your next BIG WHY, and feel free to contact me personally if you need some help or guidance!  I am happy to help at any time.

Congrats “Fit-Girl”!  You made it!  The hardest part is done and over!  Don’t forget how hard you have worked, because you don’t want to slip back into old ways, but use it to catapult you forward and drive you to be your best self, no matter what that may be.

Part 2 is called:  For the Busy “Fit-Girl”, it is still 3 half-hour classes a week, but they are a little more invigorating, challenging and fun, but you are ready for this, you deserve this!  You made it!

Enjoy your 8th Week!!  Relish in your Success & Work Hard.  You are no longer trying to be fit, you ARE fit!!!

Week 8 Workout Plan

Total Body & Cardio HIIT 10 Challenge   ***

Glute Tightening & Fat Burning

Upper Body Chisel

*** Take note of how many reps you achieve while performing each exercise, I bet you notice a huge difference from your first week!!!!!   OH YA!!!!!!