Wake-Up Your Inner “Fit-Girl” Week 6

Wake-Up Your Inner “Fit-Girl”, The Getting Started Program

Week 6

WOW, WOW WOW!!!!!  Look at you go!!!

Okay, Okay, I know, I know!!  I have total faith that you have completed every class and are motivated to keep going!  BUT, in case you have missed a class, or are lacking motivation in any kind of way…..I ask you this?

“Are you PMSing?” hahahahahaha 😉

This is for real a motivation problem, and during that pre-phase or day 1 or two, it may be hard to get motivated, your energy may be zapped, your hormones may be crazy or you are just feeling like the world may end, so who cares about some stupid 30 minute workout.

Whether you are pmsing or you just aren’t feeling motivated, I have a couple suggestions to get around this and to reconnect with that Inner “Fit-Girl”  who is dying for her time to shine.

Besides the fact that it WILL make you feel better if you power through the workout…..here is what I suggest:


Listen to your body, make an honest evaluation and if you need the rest, take it.  Try to estimate what week in your month you will get your friendly visitor, you should be aware of your cycle and your body and mood shifts.  Once you are aware of this (THIS IS A MUST!!!  If you don’t, that is like walking around with a ticking time-bomb that could go off at any unbeknownst time LMAO) you can pick your workout days, that week, that will work best for you!  Remember, you are only committed to 3 days a week for a half an hour, and you can squeeze it in, even around your lovely time of the month.


If you are unmotivated for some unknown reason, now is the time to ask yourself a big question.

“What are you working out for?”  and it better be a good reason.  Not just, “I want to feel strong”….why do you want to feel strong? why? why? why?  Dig deep, find a reason that is bigger than your, “I don’t want to work out” feeling.  Do you have an event coming up?  Do you want to prove yourself to someone? Do you want to prove it to yourself? What is your WHY? The BIG WHY???

Find that why and use it, write it down, hang it up, send yourself daily messages, meditate on it, make it a mantra, and use it for all it is worth.  When the power runs out in that BIG WHY, find another one.  We grow, we change, circumstances change, environment changes, life changes, and guaranteed, the reason you workout will also change, and you have to be aware that when your WHY just isn’t motivating you, there is another one in there somewhere!

Repeat the process:

Dig Deep

Do whatever it takes to figure it out (you don’t have to tell anyone)

Find your BIG WHY and let it motivate you

Write it down, hang it up, say it daily, focus on it, make a mantra out of it

Milk it for all it is worth.

Now get out there!  You are rocking it!  You are almost there!  You can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Get pumped up and enjoy this next weeks classes!

Week 6 Workout Plan

Glute Tightening & Fat Burning

Upper Body Chisel

Legs, Bums & Tums