Wake-Up Your Inner “Fit-Girl” Week 5

Wake-Up Your Inner “Fit-Girl”, The Getting Started Program

Week 5

Look at YOU GO!!!!!  You have made it half way through the “The Getting Started Program” and you are making major progress in waking up that Inner “Fit-Girl” and I am super, super excited for you!!!

Although the program ends in 4 weeks, it doesn’t mean you stop working out all together!  It means you graduate to a new level of fitness and a new level inner confidence, and belief in yourself, that you didn’t have before, or even knew you were capable of.

You have come so far!!  You have definitely felt and experienced results and improvements whether they are strength, toning, better time management, less stress, more confidence, find yourself smiling more, maybe complimenting others more, have more energy for family, friends, events, activities, you may even find some new inspirations or goals you would like to add to your “bucket-list” or list of goals.

So keep it up…..even more amazing things are coming your way if you stick with it and stay consistent!!

I am so proud of you!

Here are your week 5 Workouts!  Good Luck and Have Fun!

Week 5 Workout Plan

Ab & Core HIIT Class

Back & Arms Galore

All Inner Thighs & Glutes