Wake-Up Your Inner “Fit-Girl” Week 4

Wake-Up Your Inner “Fit-Girl”, The Getting Started Program

Week 4

O-M-G!  You must be feeling amazing!  You have made it over the 21 day hump of forming a new habit!  Although you still need to use some of your will power to keep it up, you will find you are more committed to the process, your muscles still get some soreness, but not like the first two weeks, where basic things like sitting on the toilet or brushing your teeth or washing your hair may have seemed down right painful.

I bet going into week 4 you feel more confident in yourself, your body, and in being able to find time to get your workouts in.

So take a deep-breath, have a nice bath, treat yourself to a frozen yogurt and know that the HARDEST part is over!

As long as you find the program relatively convenient, relatively fun, slightly enjoyable, and can remember how great you feel when the workout is done, we have your Inner “Fit-Girl”  curious, fairly committed and definitely wanting more.  Why stop now?  She is almost there, almost ready to come out and shine, if she hasn’t made an appearance already.

So here are your week 4 Workouts, Have Fun and Keep Smiling!!

Week 4 Workout Plan

Total Body Ab & HIIT Class

Back, Arms & Shoulders Circuit

Ab & Core HIIT Class